Monday, December 13, 2010

Sexual attraction - you have that “something”?

Sex makes the world go round. But do you have that “je ne sais quoi”?

In anthropological terminology, that “something” is described by the word “hand”, more exactly, the sum of the positive human characteristics. This is so crazy that it gets both people of the opposite sex and also of the same-sex.

Can be called charisma - something that a person has and causes intense emotions in another person.
The trick is actually in the term itself. That “something” is very difficult to summarize in one word, as it is, after all, the sexual energy that a person sees another person.

In Hollywood, celebrities considered sex symbols were defined as women with “that thing”. Something that can not be described in words, but in can be viewed on their figure.

Je ne sais quoi - love and “hand”

The most important thing about that “je ne sais quoi” is that if you do not have it, you just do not have it. It can’t be learned. You are born with it. Either you have the “hand” or not. Of course, depends on taste, one can be sexually attractive or unattractive for another person.

We refer to sexual energy can be felt just by looking at a person. It makes you tingle and can lead to bliss only with a light touch. Perhaps by the dissolution of a button shirt or skirt arrangement. It draws you to this person. Every detail. He is a made for your body, a person who gives wild sexual emotions.
Do not get this wrong, is not the same thing as being in love, you only have a sense of wild passion, you feel an insatiable desire for sex. Only the thought of such a person is enough to lose your head, to your knees tremble and you give in to his/her sexual irresistible charisma.

Je ne sais quoi - can be good or bad
If you find a person that you are sexually attracted to, you’re in heaven. Especially if you conquer the heart too. Otherwise, you can catch a vicious circle that is destroyed by the obsession and desire for something you can not have. Ideally, desire and love are linked and compatible. But if things are different and find that “something” the wrong person, you go through hell. Maybe it’s a married person, or maybe you’re married or there isn’t any chance for a serious relationship.
Stay with just “hand” wild sexual desire, insatiable fatal and that will confuse and destroy you.

If she or he has that “something” stop thinking
It is believed that each person is destined to find their someone’s desire to “fool” him at least once in their life. If you find such a person at the right time, your life will be like a story. Sex will be great, passionate, wild and spontaneous, and you literally will burn the bed, having sex like in those porn movies. If you find such a person, not thought about any reason you could stand between you, in the way of a promising relationship.
Allow yourself to dream and to enjoy the attraction you feel for made for you person.

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