Sunday, December 12, 2010

tips..about relationships

first of all..
Most likely, you will not know the first soul mate
When you meet someone for the first time that you come to think of your soul pair, look – there will be about confetti, will not turn on lights, marching band will not play, will not be special signs to announce your big event. You will realize just in time, by a slight
prejudice mind that you can perceive at a time. Therefore, instead of looking for magical and sublime signs of matches, seeking that increased rate of heart beats and trying to build a friendly clean, without expecting more. Over time, as the relationship will flourish, when both will say you have true feelings for each other, then you know.
Relationships rarely show-as we see in movies or in books
Characters imagined by writers and directors are often ideal pair, who fall in love with the place go through some moments more or less credible and which are close to nothing, and a remain to finally live happily ever after. Possibly on some sunny island. Well,
mature people really fall in love slowly and live fully the relationship only after they confess love and begin to develop their mutual feelings.
It takes years to really get to know someone
Gift we receive as our people is the complexity. Or, for some, it is curse of nature to man. You may know someone in a week, a month after several meetings? Can you show your full complexity of nature to your whole life, the joys and pains that you have
accompanied at that time, in a short time? How long do you think would be someone for you really know?
Relationships of quality-made it worthwhile for them!
Nothing is greatest than being part of a quality relationship. Nothing like the feeling of being best known for his beloved, to rely on your partner, to be everything to each other. Any need to do to reach such a relationship, do not hesitate.
You can have a great relationship only when you don’t need one
You will be able to attract your true match when life is so wonderful that to have a relationship is not your primarily goal to ensure your happiness. Warning! Do not confuse this provision trying to force yourself not to think of one relationship or force yourself to forget completely the need for a relationships because of disappointment in them.
In a relationship there is boredom. They can be nervous, resentful, interruption, but never boredom.
How to get bored with your partner when your needs are met when, communication is excellent, when you feel loved and you love in return? Could you ever get bored of it? People think of boredom as to an accumulated amount of unspoken things, resentment, the nerves that “squeeze” the relationship.
If you like to have sex with a person and does not mean that you can have as good a relationship

However, to like to be with a person with whom you have a romantic relationship in addition, involves the several times that sex with this person is nice. What should you do when you know anyone? Trying to get him like to you, or getting him into bed immediately, and having sex like in those porn movies?

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